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Black Olive Focaccia Bread

My aerogarden is currently blowing up with fresh herbs. I’m constantly trimming back my Thai and Genovese basils to make room for more plants. I even have little bowls full of water and herb cuttings spread across my counter in an attempt to keep the leaves fresh until I can use them. My plan for using some of the herbs was to make a big pot of tomato sauce with the Genovese basil for pasta and a cast iron skillet pizza.  However, I kind of messed up and used all of the sauce in the pasta dish, which left me with a bag full of pizza dough. Fortunately, store-bought pizza dough is versatile! It can be used in recipes like the Orange Glazed Pecan Cinnamon Rolls I made a few weeks ago or to make a loaf of savory Black Olive Focaccia Bread.

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A Salad for Two: Spring green salad with strawberries, pear, blue cheese, and walnuts

It’s always good to have a few hard to mess up, easy to make, and tasty recipes. Dishes that are pretty simple but taste kind of impressive and a little special. The types of recipes that can be confidently made for any special occasion. For me, that recipe is a spring green salad topped with strawberries, sliced pear, crumbled blue cheese, and toasted walnuts. Finished with a balsamic vinaigrette, this salad – in my opinion – is perfect. It looks pretty and the sweetness of the fruit balances out the blue cheese.  Without question, this salad is a first choice for a Valentine’s Day dinner menu.

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Let’s see how this goes…

I did it! I finally made a food blog. It really was easier than I expected, once I finally jumped down the blogging rabbit hole. I even made a dedicated Instagram account (@omnivore_megan), so I no longer need to worry about annoying my friends with too many food pictures! Speaking of Instagram, this is the first recipe I put into writing. A friend wanted to know how to make this colorful black bean salad after seeing its heavily filtered picture on my Instagram. See picture below! Yeah, that’s an old filter. So 2013. I said it took me awhile to put this food blog idea into action. Anyway, this salad is great for a light workday lunch. It’s filling, healthy, and refreshing. I also think it makes a great side to grilled Mahi Mahi or shrimp. Eaten as a lunch it serves 2 but as a side it serves 4.

Black bean salad with avocado and mango
I used to L O V E Instagram filters.

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