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A Salad for Two: Spring green salad with strawberries, pear, blue cheese, and walnuts

It’s always good to have a few hard to mess up, easy to make, and tasty recipes. Dishes that are pretty simple but taste kind of impressive and a little special. The types of recipes that can be confidently made for any special occasion. For me, that recipe is a spring green salad topped with strawberries, sliced pear, crumbled blue cheese, and toasted walnuts. Finished with a balsamic vinaigrette, this salad – in my opinion – is perfect. It looks pretty and the sweetness of the fruit balances out the blue cheese.  Without question, this salad is a first choice for a Valentine’s Day dinner menu.

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Beets! Bees? Beets!

I kind of wish I was starting a bee business, but I’m just roasting beets. I really enjoy roasting beets. It takes some time, but the prep is generally very easy and low effort. The apartment also smells nice after roasting beets, and I think they are fun to peel. The challenge with eating vegetables is planning. You must plan to make sure you eat things before they start going bad. Vegetables take planning to be in a ready to eat form. It’s a lot of work! It’s easy to see why a majority of people fail to get enough plants in their diet.

This past week I totally failed at vegetable meal prep. I’m still stuck with a big bag of carrots waiting to be peeled in the bottom of my fridge. At least, they have a lengthy-ish shelf life. Like carrots, beets in their uncooked form keep really well, but there’s definitely some time and effort need to get them into an edible form. So, that’s why I’m roasting beets on Friday night! Continue Reading