My Story

Hi, I’m Megan. I grew up on a farm, and I’m now I’m in Indianapolis, IN with Ben and Kismet, picture above. I have bachelor’s degree in nutrition science from Purdue University and a Master’s of Public Health in epidemiology. My normal work week is spent supporting clinical research studies focused on finding better ways understand and/or treat different liver diseases. Aside from work, I spend most of my time thinking about food. What to eat next? What to cook next? Planning grocery store trips. Adding every cookbook on Amazon to my wish list. You get the point. I’m pretty food obsessed.

While studying nutrition in undergrad, I fell in love with cooking as a creative outlet. That’s also the when I discovered food blogs. Molly at Orangette was my idol, and I hoped to someday start my own blog. After I graduated I couldn’t convince myself that I actually had anything to write about despite my passion for cooking. I set aside the blog idea for a few more years when I started grad school. After finishing grad school, I finally had the time and enthusiasm needed to start a food blog. Here we are.

The Omnivore’s Kitchen

Once again, I found myself unable to decide on a topic for the blog. My interests are kind of all over the place. I’m passionate about nutrition and health, but I also enjoy less healthy foods. Baking is fun! I’m also budget conscious but like to splurge a bit on occasion. I have no real dietary restrictions and like to eat different cuisines. What to do? I finally realized I that I don’t need to have a niche; I am an omnivore and I can have an omnivorous blog! The Omnivore’s Kitchen was a perfectly fitting name. 

I have detailed my food philosophy in this post, but it’s pretty simple.

  1. Eat real food
  2. Avoid restrictions and rules
  3. Eat more plants
  4. Be mindful
  5. Make your treats count

I’m pretty active on Instagram, so join me there if you’re into that or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. All of my social media accounts are linked in the sidebar. Also, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment on a post if you have any questions!